My Story

In early 2023 I felt lost. I felt adrift, unfulfilled, and unsure of what to do to get out of "a funk." So I went and did something I didn't want to do - I attended a coaching retreat in Nashville, TN for 3 days hosted by The Program which is run by Nick Alfano.

You might ask yourself why as someone in the top 1% of Loan Officers nationwide would end up feeling this way... I certainly wondered.

But, as I started to take an inventory of my life I quickly realized I was living the life society wanted. I was chasing the almighty dollar, I was buying fancy things, I went on many vacations with my family - but worked the whole trip, I'd put on 50 lbs since being married 10 years earlier and wasn't prioritizing my health. Fortunately I was saving and investing some of my money; although, no where near as much as I should have been.

However, as I completed these FACTS about my life I quickly realized that I was trying to treat my stress and anxiety with food, prescriptions, alcohol, or other substances. I was also just throwing money at my problems at home because I was always tired and never had the time or patience for my family.

As we've seen the past 2 years the money will go as fast as it comes - so if we're not prepared for the downturn you could quickly end up with nothing - literally nothing and nobody by you. This has caused me a lot of reflection and intentional changes the past 9 months.

I asked myself "if money is fleeting, then why have I prioritized it over everything else in my life?" I've always physically been present with my family on vacations, trips, evenings, and weekends, but mentally I was ALWAYS in work mode.

While I made a lot of money and built a grand reputation in the community I realized a few things.

  1. I didn't have healthy habits to deal with my personal internal struggles with stress and anxiety (even though my habits were socially acceptable)
  2. I didn't have a healthy relationship with my children or spouse.
  3. I had lost my health and let my body go from the athlete I used to be growing up and turned into an overweight corporate couch potato.
  4. I didn't have a direction for my life. I had achieved more things than most people do in a lifetime by the time I was 33 years old. So what's next??

After attending the "retreat" (aka an ass-whooping) in Tennessee I quickly came to realize I needed help. I needed a coach to hold me accountable because I knew that if rates suddenly got better I would instantly revert back to my old ways. But I decided right there in TN that I was all in on changing and not just for me, but for my wife and kids. They deserve more than someone who can only provide for them. They deserve to have someone that can show up for them emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

My journey has lead me to see others in our industry struggling with the same issues. That is why I'm here. That is why I'm extending my time and knowledge to help others make the same changes.

My Purpose

Our purpose is to elevate the lives of real estate professionals by helping them find harmony in their life through the use of proven tools, self mastery, accountability, commraderie, and authenticity.

My Focus

4 Domains of Focus

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Fitness
  4. Finance

We will dive into each of these domains in our program and make sure none of these are being neglected. If you think about the order of these,

Faith - we will work on self-improvement, self-confidence, self-awareness, your personal relationship with God, and who you are and what you stand for. This is the foundation we will build from.

Family - this focus is on our relationships with our family and the family we get to choose (our friends). We will focus on leveling up those relationships, having deeper more meaningful relationships, and showing up not just physically, but emotionally and mentally for those around us.

Fitness - we are going to focus not only on moving our body to get it into the shape we want, but also on what we are fueling our body with. We wouldn't put low-grade gasoline into an indy car; so why do we do that with our bodies?

Finance - as a real estate specific group there will be opportunities for networking, learning systems from others, hearing scripts and objections, and learning from a community of our peers how to handle and deal with the stresses and anxieties you are facing on a daily basis.


Other Benefits

  1. Camaraderie
  2. Learning from your Peers 
  3. Elite Level of Accountability
  4. Learn to use Tools that will change your life
  5. Have a safe place to learn, grow, make mistakes, and connect with others

Our Offer to You

A Wednesday Weekly Group Call with your peers where the purpose is to:

  1. Hold each other accountable
  2. Share the Good and Bad of our week
  3. Opportunity to lift others with your experience
  4. Opportunity to be lifted by others from their experiences

A Friday Weekly Group Call with your peers to accomplish the following:

  1. Hold each other accountable
  2. Share the good and bad of our week
  3. Learn new life tools to level up
  4. Learn from top industry leaders
  5. Hear from Guest Speakers
  6. Sharpen the tools we're already using

2 one-on-one calls with Drew to get you set up and started in the first 60 days.

*Additional 1-1 Coaching calls available for Elite Level Members.


  1. Level-Up Package: $1,000/month
    • Description: Ideal for those seeking regular support and community insight.
    • Includes:
      • Twice-weekly group coaching calls.
      • Access to a dedicated online community.
    • Benefits: This package offers consistent guidance and the opportunity to learn and grow with peers in the real estate industry. It's perfect for professionals looking for ongoing support and communal learning experiences.
  2. Elite Package: $2,000/month
    • Description: Designed for professionals who want personalized guidance in addition to group sessions. People who want to scale faster and are serious.
    • Includes:
      • All features of the Standard Package.
      • One 1-on-1 coaching call with Drew each month.
      • Personalized action plans and goal setting.
    • Benefits: This package is ideal for those who are looking to expedite their growth and want tailored advice. The one-on-one session with Drew each month provides an opportunity for in-depth, personalized coaching to address specific challenges and goals.

*There is a minimum commitment of 12 months required. There are two reasons for this commitment.

  1. This isn't a get-rich quick scheme. Real change takes time, dedication, and consistency. We will have to build these new habits and tools line-upon-line and it will take time. I don't want people who are just looking to jump in, learn a quick thing or two, and run. You won't make a lasting change if you can't commit.
  2. It holds me accountable to teach you everything I know and push you in 12 months to make the changes you need in your life. I am not Mike Ferry nor The Core that want you to sign up for their coaching programs in perpetuity. I want to get you in, train you up, and let you fly at new elevations.

**I am not going to kick you out of the group after 12 months. There will be a special discounted "Member Leader" rate for those that complete the training after 12 months. We need leaders to continue to help us build the group, lift the others, and continue to grow themselves.